2015–2016 Board of Directors

President: Kim Davis, Compact Appliances
Vice President: Dominique Pagé, United Buyers Group
Treasurer/Atlantic Chapter Rep: Eric Barnhill, Compact Appliances
Past President: Martin Miles, Valor/Miles Industries
HPBA Board Representative: Ingrid Schroeter, Napoleon
Manufacturer Rep: Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
At Large (Manufacturer’s Rep): Steve Keeling, Keeling Agencies
At Large (Retailer): Alan Baroey, Marsh’s Fireplaces
Central Chapter Representative: Kathy Morningstar, Stamford Fireplaces
Western Chapter Representative: Steve Abrams, Jackson Grills
APC Representative: Michael Richard, Nergiflex
HPBA (Non-Voting): Jack Goldman, HPBA
*Currently there in one open seat to be filled in early 2017

Non-Voting Director: Tony Gottschalk, HPBA Canada
Staff: Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada