Changeout Programs across Canada

Currently Available & Recent Programs

Nova Scotia
Efficiency Nova Scotia is offering a rebate or financing program to help low income residents reduce their home heating bills in a number of ways, including the installation of wood burning and pellet burning appliances. Visit the website to learn more.

The Ontario Government’s Green Invest Fund changeout program called the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive Program has now launched in Ontario. The program is being managed by the two gas utilities in the province, Enbridge and Union Gas. Click here for more details.

New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Lung Association will be continuing with their Wood Stove Changeout Program from January 15 – March 31 2017. The program offers a rebate of $250 for changing out an old wood stove to a new one. Program details can be found here.

British Columbia
The BC Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program is designed to encourage British Columbians to change out their older, smoky wood stoves for low-emission appliances including new CSA-/EPA-certified clean-burning wood stoves.
Visit the BC Air Quality website to find out more.

Changez d’air in Quebec ran in a number of communities through 2012 and 2013. Find out more about this very successful program here.