Thank you to all participants in the 2016 GAA and to our sponsors and contributors


To find out more about future GAA plans please contact Laura Litchfield at HPBA Canada.

Purpose of the GAA

To ensure volunteers, staff and other industry advocates have a practical understanding of the fundamentals of Canadian politics and how to effectively engage politicians and their staff, to advocate HPBAC issues, participate in various governmental processes and confidently navigate the political environment in Canada at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

The GAA Agenda

Monday May 2 and Tuesday May 3, 2016, Ottawa ON

May 2nd, 1pm to 9pm – In Class
May 3rd, 7am to 5pm – In Class **
May 4th – Optional Morning Tour of Parliament

**Followed by Reception with invited Members of Parliament from 5 to 6pm and Walking Tour of Parliament Hill and surrounding area beginning at 6 or 6:30pm

Speakers/Instructors Don Huff of ECO Strategy and others

Special presentation by MP Salma Zahid, Liberal, Scarborough Centre Ontario, on a Day in the Life of an MP

1. Media training including the role of earned media and advertising in your lobbying campaign, leveraging your media relations, interviewing skills
2. Parliamentary Process – the role of bureaucrats and political staff, and providing information to decision makers
3. Municipal vs. Provincial vs. Federal
4. Codes, standards, regulations: what makes them different?
5. Lobbying including basics, tactics and benefits, developing a plan, and registering as a lobbyist – Who? Why? How? Continual lobbying vs crisis lobbying

Workshops will be delivered in both lecture format and small group working sessions including practice interviews where participants will be videotaped.

GAA Objectives for 2016

National Scope

Work as a group toward developing a plan for a national fuel neutral changeout, including lobbying strategy, promotional development and media strategy. Work will continue beyond the GAA as we endeavour to bring our plan to life and put it into practice.

Regional/Local Scope

Learn about municipal and provincial government and develop strategies for tracking and dealing with potential issues, testifying, media interviews.  Analyze past experiences such as the Montreal woodburning bylaw, proposed Utah woodburning ban, gas fireplace efficiency labelling program.
Registration fees for manufacturers will be $1000. Participants to pay for cost of travel to session and accommodation. HPBAC will provide meals over the course of the two day sessions. Depending on the final funding, HPBAC may reimburse participants who are out-of-pocket for a portion of their accommodation and/or travel expenses.

2016 GAA Final Report

20116 GAA Final Report