Regulation that affects your business could be introduced at any level of government. Sometimes this is positive, such as incentives to homeowners to upgrade a woodburning appliance or to buy a more efficient appliance. You will want to be informed of these opportunities as they arise. Government usually communicates to an industry through its trade association and the association is in contact with the government in order to keep you informed. The association also advocates for these programs on behalf of industry. Often regulation can have a negative effect by limiting and sometimes eliminating the products you sell. This can happen through municipal bylaws such as burn bylaws. HPBAC will help you fight unfair regulation and will advocate the benefits of your products to government.
EXPO features the biggest selection of hearth, patio and barbecue products under one roof. You’ll want to see all of the exciting new products available, meet with your suppliers and look for new products. It’s important to keep your store current and fresh to keep customers coming back and to draw in new customers. EXPO also offers a great selection of sales, marketing and business management education sessions and technical training. It’s also a great opportunity to network with other industry members. HPBAC hosts an information meeting called Focus Canada and a Canadian Reception at EXPO each year. Focus Canada is a good opportunity to join Canadian industry members for updates and a chance to discuss issues that concern you. The Canadian Reception is attended by over 800 people each year and is always a lot of fun. You’ll meet people from all over and have a chance to network in a relaxed environment.
Regional conferences such as the Ontario Symposium and the Western Forum are hosted by Chapters. In addition, social events such as golf tournaments and comedy events are hosted periodically by our Regional Chapters. Check out the regional events page to find an upcoming event near you. We host Education Days through our regional chapters with a range of topics. In the past as part of our Building Your Business series we’ve offered The Art of Selling, Professional Service is Profitable and The Changing Retail Environment as well as Barbecue Education Days. HPBAC also supports the ongoing development of industry-specific training courses.
HPBAC membership saves you the cost of EXPO passes. If two members of your staff attend EXPO that’s already a $150 US savings on passes. And if you attend the Ontario Summit you’ll save another $75 per participant. Members always receive preferred rates for HPBAC and HPBA programs and events. You can also save through our Affinity Programs, including our competitively priced and comprehensive Business Insurance Program, our new Health and Dental Benefit Program and through discount programs such as PetroCanada Superpass, NEBS business forms, Choice Hotels and Hertz Car Rentals. Some of our members recover the cost of their membership through the PetroCanada SuperPass program alone
Other Affinity programs include Consumer Financing through CitiFinancial. Our Mystery Shopping program gives you a comprehensive report on your store’s performance with customers at the very reasonable cost of $75. Our Health and Dental Benefit Plan is an innovative, self-directed plan you’re your contribution going into a Healthcare Spending Account instead of to ever-increasing premiums. We also have a Bank and Credit Card Processing program with competitive rates as well as an Employment Background Screening program.
HPBAC publishes an e-newsletter, usually every two months, that includes updates on association activities, government relations issues, industry news and notices about information that is available to members, such as market research results and articles in the media.

In addition to the above we often send out bulletins when an important issue comes up so you are always up to date.

Our website contains information for members and homeowners on products, events, resources and safety tips and a Search function so homeowners and members can find members. HPBA’s website is also full of great resources for members, including press releases, market research, product fact sheets and much more.

Both HPBA and HPBAC act as a resource for media and the public. We receive more and more enquiries from the media on issues relating to hearth, patio and barbecue products. Press releases are issued regularly on topical issues such as “Take the Burn out of Heating Costs This Winter”, “Consumer Survey Indicates Fireplaces and Stoves Play Key Role in Selling Homes” and “Consumers Prefer to Stay Home to Cook Out”.

In addition, there are 15 Barbecue and Outdoor Room, and 16 Hearth product fact sheets available on the HPBA website for members to use in their stores. These fact sheets contain great information on your products and how to use them.

We have also worked with government to develop programs such as EnerChoice which identifies the 25% most efficient gas hearth appliances available in BC and the Burn it Smart program across Canada which is now being adopted by the US EPA. HPBAC also consults on publications such as The Guide to Residential Wood Heating — a popular guide published by Natural Resources Canada, along with various other publications relating to hearth products.

HPBAC currently has close to 500 members across Canada. Many of your competitors are already members, taking advantage of the savings and resources we offer. We’d like to make the association even stronger, giving us a stronger voice with government and the ability to increase our public relations efforts and continue to improve our member benefits.
You can become involved in the association by joining an HPBAC committee or a regional chapter board, participating in task forces or you can just enjoy the benefits of membership without being actively involved. It’s up to you how involved you become.

We can send you an application by email, fax or mail.
You can download our application from our website or
Or call 1-800-792-5284 and you can join by phone.