HPBAC Mystery Shopping is back and better than ever

Revamped questionnaire. New features.

Mystery Shops help you hone in on actionable differences between
your most and least successful sales people, between what’s working and what’s not. Shops are snapshots and the more you have over time the more accurately they depict your business. Whether you’re concerned with sales, profitability or compliance, mystery shopping can help you set priorities, focus your staff and reduce risk – all critical factors in the success of your business

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Online shops now available.

Have a Specific Employee you would like evaluated? We can do that too!

NEW information to come for 2017

Several Package prices available – purchase a package of 3 shops for 1 visit in each of three consecutive months at the same location.

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Your mystery shopping report will cover all aspects of the shopper’s experience, including hospitality and knowledge, first impressions of the overall appearance of your store.  The better your staff interacts with each prospect, the higher overall sales and customer satisfaction should be. Find out what your customers experience in your store so you can focus in on both problem areas and successful techniques.

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