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Business Management

Hiring, Retaining and Empowering Employees

Buy this workbook to learn how to hire professional employees and how to retain them. This popular workbook has been rewritten for 2009. The best way to find and keep good employees is explored through top notch recruiting and hiring techniques.

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Professional Service is Profitable Developing

Managing a Profitable Installation and Service Department

This guidebook serves as a reference tool to assist hearth professionals in creating a service department, or better managing this essential activity within the business.

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Hearth 101: Introduction to Hearth Systems

Hearth 101 provides fundamental product knowledge and technical information about all major categories of hearth appliances and venting systems. New and intermediate level sales and customer service personnel gain confidence and effectiveness in communication with customers from quickly learning the fundamentals of industry products, how they work, and what they require for safety and performance.

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Using Hearth 101 for Sales and Customer Service

Using Hearth 101 demonstrates how sales and customer service personnel can effectively combine technical knowledge from Hearth 101 with basic sales technique and customer service skills to make sales.and to get referrals and repeat sales.

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