He@rth Online Training

With He@rth Online Training, you and your company’s staff can easily and affordably get effective training and NFI CEU’s – without the usual travel expenses and with significantly reduced time away from work. This year we added many new features to the program which enable us to provide training to more people in new and exciting ways.

Live, Interactive Courses: Using the latest online technology, our highly experienced industry instructor can lead discussion, answer questions, show images and text, and conduct quizzes. In our small classes, participants have the learning advantages of interactive participation and access to an expert trainer. View the schedule.

Pre-recorded OnDemand Courses: We are pleased to announce the addition of our OnDemand library. While live classes allow students to interact with their their instructor, scheduling classes at a specific date and time can be difficult for some students. We now offer recorded versions of our live classes as well as recordings of some of the great sessions offered at the HPBExpo. Students can access the OnDemand classes at any time, day or night. Not enough time to finish a session? No problem. Pause the session and come back to it whenever you have the time. View Course Offerings.

Cost Effective: Unstable economic conditions increase the need to analyze the cost/benefit ratio of every expense. Now on-going training is easier and more cost effective than ever.

  • Individual Classes can be purchased economically. You can buy a “Live” or pre-recorded “OnDemand” class. Find a Live Class or Find an OnDemand Class
  • Subscriptions: We now offer students and companies the opportunity to buy an annual subscription (April to March to coincide with HPBExpo) for unlimited use of the training platform and all our classes plus recordings of selected HPBExpo sessions from the past few years.
    • Individual subscriptions can be purchased at an introductory price of $249.00
    • Companies can buy a subscription package that allows access for up to five students for $449.00. Additional packages of 5 subscriptions will be available to companies for $249.00. Buy a Subscription

Industry Sponsorship: A number of manufacturers have demonstrated their support for HE@RTH Online Training. Their generous contributions allow us to offer quality training at affordable prices. Become a Sponsor.

What You Will Need

  1. A basic computer running Windows with a microphone and speakers or a headset (which is available at a very inexpensive price). Speakers (or a headset) are necessary to hear the instructor and other participants. The microphone (or a headset) is highly recommended highly to allow you to participate fully and be heard by the instructor and others. Without a microphone or a headset, you can communicate with the instructor by text chat only.
  2. Internet access. While high speed internet connection offers some advantages, the delivery system chosen works well with a dial-up connection.