Since 1994, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of Canada (HPBAC) has represented and supported companies that produce, sell, or service appliances and accessories in the hearth and barbecue industries in Canada. We promote and protect the interests of our industries and our members – manufacturers, dealers, service and installation firms, and other industry representatives.

Our Mission

HPBAC provides representation, education, community, and support to members of the fireplace and barbecue industry in Canada.

Our Vision

HPBAC will be the recognized voice of the fireplace and barbecue industry and an essential resource to our members.

The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association of Canada is a trade association, dedicated to serving the needs of our members, established for the purpose of:

  • Providing a voice for the industry
  • Promoting and protecting the interests of those engaged in the hearth, patio and barbecue industries
  • Coordinating and integrating the needs of industry dealers, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers
  • Providing educational and networking opportunities to all our members on both national and regional levels
  • Promoting consumer awareness of the benefits associated with our products

Educate the Public

HPBAC helps Canadians from all walks of life access quality, affordable heating and decorative equipment, offering:
  • Answers to questions about buying or maintaining an appliance
  • Insight into planning or adapting a home to meet changing needs
  • Best practices in appliance installation, operation and maintenance to help ensure homeowners get the most from our products
  • Information on safe and responsible operation of hearth and barbecue products
  • Up to date news on technological innovation and improvements in efficiency of industry products

Educate our Members

HPBAC provides business and technical training opportunities to ensure our members are experts in their field. Educational streams include:
  • Business management
  • Sales and customer service
  • Technical training
  • Information regarding regional and national regulatory issues


HPBAC is the voice of the hearth, patio and barbecue industry in Canada. Our industry provides products that bring warmth and comfort to Canadian homes, indoors and out. HPBAC represents manufacturers, retailers, distributors and other associated businesses, many of which are family owned and operated. We work to ensure consumers have access to a wide array of products that provide comfort and enjoyment.


HPBAC provides consumers with an overview of the hearth, patio and barbecue industry and is a source of general information on industry products. We work to promote the important role hearth products play in home heating and extending the outdoor season. HPBAC also aims to help Canadians see their backyard as an enjoyable and welcoming extension of their home. Our members offer a comprehensive range of hearth, barbecue and patio products and HPBAC provides information needed to help Canadians make the right choice for their home.

We believe our products play an important role in the Canadian home by:

  • Providing warmth, comfort and convenience 
  • Extending and enjoying the outdoor season
  • Adding value and style to homes

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