HPBAC’s three Board committees and four operational committees meet regularly and are comprised of members from each region whenever possible, as well as staff. If you have any questions or comments or would like to become involved with an HPBAC committee please contact Laura Litchfield.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee plans and develops HPBAC’s communication and public relations strategy. Its function is to provide:

  • Relevant news updates and website content
  • HPBAC Publications and Campaigns
  • Product resources and safety information
  • Content on industry products, events and updates to members

Committee Members

Chair: Sheila Graham, ICC-RSF
Jonathan Butt, Crown Cabinets & Fireplaces
Kim Davis, Compact Appliances
Jesse Gardiner, Heat Savers Distributors
Steve Gauci, Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills
Kyle Grant, Regency
Christine Hamlyn, Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills
Sean Hunt, Forge Distribution
Alan Murphy, Blaze King
Krystin Pierce, National Energy Equipment
Alex Soubliere, Friendly Fires


Meghan O’Reilly, HPBA Canada (Lead)
Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada
Cristine Giampaolo, HPBA Canada
Marie-Claude Bouchard, APC

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing educational programming and facilitating education and training. Its function is to provide:

  • Webinars covering relevant topics within the industry
  • Resources to help members stay informed on important topics
  • Consumer resources on product safety and maintenance
  • Access to programs to expand industry knowledge and improve business

Committee Members

Chair: Kyle Quinn, ICC-RSF
Beverlee Boyd, Fireplaces by Weiss-Johnson
Cindy Buckle, Napoleon
Brian Kirkhope, The Fireplace Den
Dean Larabie, National Energy Equipment
George LeBlanc, Maritime Fireplaces
Stuart Meyer, Valor Fireplaces
Mark Humphrey, HPBEF/NFI
Charles Truchon, Valor Fireplaces
Andrew Vickers, Selkirk Canada
Sandy Yorke, Total Gas & The Fireplace


Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada (Lead)
Cristine Giampaolo, HPBA Canada

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for representing the industry on issues relating to policy and regulation. Its mission is to:

  • Develop and maintain HPBAC’s government relations strategic plan
  • Oversee the association’s work regarding regulations, codes and standards
  • Create and foster relationships with government agencies and other organizations
  • Establish a presence on all levels of government on relevant topics
  • Monitor issues and concerns that relate to the Canadian hearth and barbecue industries

Committee Members

Chair: Dominique Pagé, United Buyers Group
Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Kyle Grant, Regency Fireplace Products
Andrew Hasek, HNI/HHT
John Kennedy, Napoleon Fireplaces & Grills
Alan Murphy, Blaze King
Andrew Vickers, Selkirk Canada
Jonathan Butt, Crown Cabinets & Fireplaces (Attending)


Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada
Mike McNeice, HPBA Canada
Meghan O’Reilly, HPBA Canada
John Crouch, HPBA
Ryan Carroll, HPBA
Marie-Claude Bouchard, APC

Finance Committee

The HPBAC Finance Committee is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and the HPBAC President

  • Meets quarterly to review detailed Financial Reports
  • Works with staff to produce the draft annual budget which is presented to the Board for approval at its Fall meeting
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the investment of the Association’s reserves

Committee Members

Secretary-Treasurer: Jesse Gardiner, Heat Savers Distributors
Chair: Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Vice Chair: Darryl Zylka, SBI
Past Chair: Steve Haagmans, Valor/Miles Industries
Jason VanGarderen, Concorde Distributing


Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada

Executive Committee

Committee Members

Chair: Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Vice Chair: Darrryl Zylka, SBI
Past Chair: Steve Haagmans, Valor/Miles Industries
Secretary-Treasurer: Jesse Gardiner, Heat Savers Distributors


Laura Litchfield, President, HPBA Canada

Board Development Committee

The HPBAC Board Development Committee is responsible for actively recruiting qualified individuals to serve on the Board and/or Standing Committees, developing processes for election and removal of directors and officers within the HPBAC Bylaws, and providing ongoing training and succession planning for the volunteers involved within the association. The BDC also develops board policies for the consideration of the HPBAC Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Tracey Elkerton, Napoleon
Darryl Zylka, SBI


Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada


Regional Committees, whose responsibilities include local advocacy and events, work closely with our national committees to execute plans and to establish a local presence within each region.

Atlantic Region

Represents the interests of members in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and PEI.

Call for Volunteers!

HPBAC is looking for committed and enthusiastic members to attend twice-yearly meetings to discuss issues and initiatives in the Atlantic region.

If you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution to our industry, please contact Laura Litchfield at

Central Region

Represents the interests of members in Ontario and Quebec.

Call for Volunteers!

HPBAC is looking for committed and enthusiastic members to attend twice-yearly meetings to discuss issues in the Central region.

If you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution to our industry, please contact Laura Litchfield at

Western Region

Represents the interests of members in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Committee Members

Chris Bowen, Pioneer Fireplace
Tom Hanaback, Napoleon
Dan Silakiewicz, Gray Creek Store

Jason VanGarderen, Concorde Distributing
Garth White, Ark @ Home
Darryl Zylka, SBI


Mike McNeice, HPBA Canada (Lead)
Laura Litchfield, HPBA Canada

Association des professionnels du chauffage (APC)

Represents the interests of members in Quebec.

Board of Directors

President: Stéphane Bouffard, ABC Ramonage
Vice President: Charles Truchon, Valor Fireplaces (Miles Industries)
Director: Réal Audet, Entretien de Cheminee Réal Audet
Director: Luc Bachand, Powrmatic du Canada
Director: Jean-François Fauteux, Maison DF-Jade
Director: Mathieu Filiatreault, Forge Distribution
Director: Nadia Gilbert, Stûv America inc.
Director: Jean-François Lanctôt, Supreme Inc.
Director: Jean-Yves Legault, Centre du Foyer et Spas St-Jérôme
Director: Stéphanie Pivin, Cité du Feu
Director: Marc Quirion, Noréa L’Attisée
HPBAC Board Rep: Dan Bonar, ICC Chimney


Managing Director: Marie-Claude Bouchard
Administrative Assistant: Diane Brisebois


All committees are supported by HPBAC staff and each is assigned a staff lead who coordinates meetings, takes minutes and implements the committee’s plans.



The Communication Committee is involved in the development of programs to help promote the industry and the association. It provides direction on our website, publications, campaigns and public relations. Currently, the committee has five active members and is looking for new, engaged members to join this committee. Please contact HPBAC’s Cristine Giampaolo if you are interested.


The Education Committee provides direction on plans for education both at regional face-to-face meetings and by webinar. The committee also works on the development of new education programs for our members. This committee is currently well-populated.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee provides direction on government relations issues that affect the industry primarily in Canada. These include regulatory issues, codes and standards. The GAC works closely with the HPBA Product Section groups and HPBA’s GAC. This committee is well-populated with eight active members and three attending members.

Member Services

The Member Services Committee is responsible for ensuring the needs of the membership are fulfilled by the association. The MSC oversees HPBAC’s Affinity Program package, membership renewal process including membership dues evaluation, membership engagement, and development of programs to support members and engage prospective members. Currently, we are looking for new, engaged volunteers to get involved with this committee.

Board Development

The Board Development Committee has recently been established to replace the previous Nominating Committee, with the purpose of developing a succession plan for volunteers, ensuring Committee and Board members are provided with good orientation and ongoing support in their roles, and updating the process for application and selection to committees and election to the Board of Directors. In the meantime, this committee is made up of the Vice President, Past President and two members at large.

Regional Committees

Our current structure includes three regional chapters, each with its own Board of Directors. The Amalgamation Task Force has recommended amalgamation of these three separate legal entities with HPBAC and the creation of Regional Committees in place of Chapter Boards. These committees will be tasked with overseeing and directing regional activities including member meetings, education sessions and public and government affairs efforts.

The Committment

Most HPBAC standing committees meet for one hour by teleconference each month or every other month. Committee members receive a meeting package at least 2 business days prior to the meeting. This includes reports and proposals for review. From time to time, committee members are polled by email when a matter arises which must be dealt with before the next scheduled meeting. Committee members sometimes provide help with research and other member engagement but usually this work is done by staff.


The Rewards

Volunteering for a committee can be very rewarding. Volunteers work with other members who they might not otherwise encounter, often learning from them and sharing their own experiences. Committee members and their employers also benefit from having access to information quickly, the opportunity to provide their perspective and help to shape HPBAC’s plans and programs.

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