Why join the HPBAC?

Join the Fight! Join the HPBAC.

The HPBAC is fighting to protect businesses like yours, and to ensure Canadians maintain the right to choose how to heat and cook in their own homes. 

These battles are expensive, and we need help from our partners in the industry to be successful. 

Support your industry by becoming a member of the HPBAC.

Protect Our Industry Through Advocacy

Learn about policies and regulations that affect your business using our searchable Canadian Policy Landscape website page.

Support advocacy efforts across Canada to save wood burning and gas.

Support monitoring and research efforts to ensure we are aware of policy development and campaigns that adversely affect our industry and can respond effectively.

Support the development of proactive programs such as Woodstove Changeout Programs.

Canadian Policy Landscape

Members can access a tailored overview of policies and regulations affecting the industry. Pages include current Codes and Standards, and federal and provincial policies and regulations.

Gas Hearth Industry White Paper

HPBAC’s industry white paper, released in May 2024, highlights the gas hearth industry’s importance to the Canadian economy and is a critical tool for advocacy efforts.

ECCC Wood Emission Factor Study

Environment and Climate Change Canada is conducting a residential wood appliance emissions factor study – HPBAC remains engaged with ECCC on an ongoing basis.

Comox Valley Campaign

HPBAC prevented the release of a policy document pointing to wood burning as the main cause of poor air quality in the region and continues to work to prevent further restrictions.

Coming up in 2024

Advocacy plans for wood and gas
Provincial lobby days
Quarterly information/update webinars

Educate Our Industry Workforce

Take part in manufacturer training events and other educational events.

Attend topical webinars and access recorded webinars.

Support the creation of a national training program to establish national standards of practice and certifications for hearth professionals in Canada.

Education & Training Sessions

Members receive discounted prices on HPBAC Education & Training sessions. Recent sessions include:

Hands-On, Technical & Sales Training Events, 2024

HPBAC hosted training events in four regions across Canada in 2024. Events included hands-on, technical and sales training sessions, as well as a retailer focus group and a Public Affairs Update. HPBAC is grateful to the sponsors and contributors of these events.

Troubleshooting Electronic Ignition Systems, 2023

HPBAC hosted a full day of Troubleshooting Electronic Ignition Systems Hands-On Training and Installation Prep at Napoleon’s south end facility in Barrie ON, led by industry experts.

Manufacturer-Dealer Technical Training, 2021

HPBAC hosted three online dealer training sessions in 2021. Delivered by ICC-RSF, HHT/Forge Distribution and Valor Fireplaces, these sessions covered a variety of topics ranging from technical information and troubleshooting to marketing and product updates.


Members can register for upcoming webinars at special prices, and have full access to the HPBAC library of pre-recorded webinars. Some of our recent webinars include:

Installing Chimney Vents
in Super-Insulated Homes

Expert George LeBlanc hosts this session which covers key topics like Passive Homes, ICF Homes, and Net Zero construction. Learn more about BTU contribution, wall thimbles and attic radiation shields.

Installation Prep to Prevent
Service-Related Issues

Expert George LeBlanc hosts this session designed to improve the relationship between your install and sales team, and covers setup procedures, and planning, installing, finishing, commissioning tips.

Selling to Today’s Customer:
7 Steps to Master Retail Sales

Tim Reed of The Fire Time Network hosts this session, providing  your sales team 7 steps to enhance their effectiveness on the sales floor, as well as giving you a road map to continue their growth.

Electronic Shortage Component Advocacy

HPBAC advocated for temporary relief from regulations prohibiting the use of continuous pilots. This webinar outlines advocacy efforts with Canadian federal and provincial governments.

Coming up in 2024

In-person training events across canada
Training webinars
information/issues webinars

Build an Industry Community

Network with other industry members at events and socials, including HPBExpo.
Engage with campaigns in support of our industry.
Benefit from communications of industry news important to you.

Industry News

HPBAC members stay informed through newsletters, bulletins, and webinars, receiving timely updates on key industry issues. Stay connected and informed about the latest developments shaping our industry’s future.


HPBAC members receive up to 5 free badges to the industry’s largest hearth and barbecue products showcase, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and business growth within the industry.

Regional Events

HPBAC hosts  training and networking opportunities in regions across Camada throughout the year, and connects with members at industry events. Visit our calendar to stay updated on upcoming events.


HPBAC will launch advocacy campaigns later this year to position both solid fuel and gas appliances as essential emergency backup and supplementary heating options. Join us in promoting reliable heating solutions.


Save up to 50% of your dues through our Co-op For Dues Program
Discounts through Member Savings programs 
Access to Programs and Services such as the HPBAC Public Funding Support Program
Access to downloadable digital collateral for promotional campaigns

Co-op for Dues Program for Retailers

Get up to 50% of your membership dues back through our Co-op For Dues Program!

Seven manufacturer members and their distributors have offered to allow members to submit a portion of their membership dues for reimbursement through their co-op program. We are very grateful to our co-op participants for their support of HPBAC and hope this program will help strengthen HPBAC’s membership base, increasing both the number of members in the association and our ability to keep industry members informed and engaged as we face today’s challenges.

Take advantage of the savings by  joining the HPBAC, or renewing your membership.
You can do so online at members.hpbacanada.org, or by giving us a call at 705-784-2376.

Savings Programs

Becoming a member of HPBAC means you receive exclusive access to discounts on products and services you use every day. HPBAC has partnered with savings4members to provide you discounts on fuel cards, credit card processing, office supplies, shipping and more! Each vendor is carefully selected for unmatched value, savings, and unbeatable customer service.
More information coming soon!



How do I become a member?

We can send you an application by email or regular mail. You can also give Cristine Giampaolo a call at 647-298-4914 to join by phone.

Distributors, Retailers, Service Companies, Agents, Associates and Utilities can join online at Join the HPBAC , or you can download a fillable application form by clicking here.

Manufacturers can join by visiting www.hpba.org.


How can membership save me money?

HPBAC membership saves you the cost of EXPO passes. If two members of your staff attend EXPO that’s already a $150 US savings on passes. Members always receive preferred rates for HPBAC and HPBA programs and events. And you can also save through our Member Savings Programs, including competitively priced and comprehensive Errors & Omissions Insurance for WETT Inspection Services in Canada, and through discount programs such as Choice Hotels Privileges Rewards Program and the Esso Business Card Program


How many members does HPBAC have?

HPBAC currently has close to 500 members across Canada. Many of your competitors are already members, taking advantage of the savings and resources we offer. We’d like to make the association even stronger, giving us a stronger voice with government and the ability to increase our public relations efforts and continue to improve our member benefits.


What do I have to do as a member?

You can become involved in the association by joining an HPBAC committee including a regional committees, participating in a task force or you can just enjoy the benefits of membership without volunteering. It’s up to you how involved you become, but volunteering provides many advantages to members. To learn more about volunteering, please visit the Volunteers section on the Committees page.


Why would I be concerned about government regulation?

Regulation that affects your business could be introduced at any level of government. Sometimes this is positive, such as incentives to homeowners to upgrade to a more efficient appliance. You will want to be informed of these opportunities as they arise. Government usually communicates to an industry through its trade association and the association is in contact with the government in order to keep you informed. The association also advocates for these programs on behalf of industry. Often regulation can have a negative effect by limiting and sometimes eliminating the products you sell. This can happen through municipal bylaws such as burn bylaws. HPBAC will help you fight unfair regulation and will advocate the benefits of your products to government.


How does HPBAC keep members informed?

HPBAC publishes a quarterly e-newsletter which includes updates on association activities, government relations issues, industry news and notices about information that is available to members, such as market research results and articles in the media. We also send out bulletins when an important issue comes up so you are always up to date.

Our website contains information for members and homeowners on products, events, resources and safety tips and a Search function so homeowners and members can find members. HPBA’s website is also full of great resources for members, including press releases, market research, product fact sheets and much more.


Why would I attend HPBExpo?

HPBExpo features the biggest selection of hearth, patio and barbecue products under one roof. You’ll want to see all of the exciting new products available, meet with your suppliers and look for new products. It’s important to keep your store current and fresh to keep customers coming back and to draw in new customers. HPBExpo also offers a great selection of sales, marketing and business management education sessions and technical training. It’s a great opportunity to network with other industry members. HPBAC hosts a Canadian Reception at HPBExpo each year, which is attended by over 250 people each year and is always a lot of fun. You’ll meet people from all over and have a chance to network in a relaxed environment.


What other events does HPBAC hold?

We host regional Education Days and local meetings with a range of topics. In the past as part of our Building Your Business series we’ve offered The Art of Selling, Professional Service is Profitable and The Changing Retail Environment as well as Barbecue Education Days. HPBAC also supports the ongoing development of industry-specific training courses.


How does HPBAC promote the industry?

Both HPBAC and HPBA act as a resource for media and the public. We receive more and more enquiries from the media on issues relating to hearth, patio and barbecue products. Press releases are issued regularly on topical issues such as “Are you Prepared for a Power Outage”, “Consumer Survey Indicates Fireplaces and Stoves Play Key Role in Selling Homes” and “Consumers Prefer to Stay Home to Cook Out”.

There are Barbecue and Hearth product information pages available on the HPBAC website, which contain great information on your products and how to use them.

We have also worked with government to develop programs such as EnerChoice which identifies the 25% most efficient gas hearth appliances and the Burn it Smart program across Canada which was adopted by the US EPA into their Burn Wise program. HPBAC also consults on publications such as The Guide to Residential Wood Heating — a popular guide published by Natural Resources Canada, along with various other publications relating to hearth products.

Along with all of our communication and outreach efforts, HPBAC has become much more involved in advocacy and lobbying efforts to municipal, provincial, and the federal governments. We are continuously fighting for your rights to sell the products you sell, and working with the government to fund projects, like Woodstove Changeout Programs, to not only promote the sale of products, but also to demonstrate the benefits of the products our members sell.

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