The HPBAC Board of Directors

Vice Chair
Past Chair
Atlantic Region Rep
Central Region Rep
Western Region Rep
HPBA Board Rep
Director (Manufacturer)
Director (Manufacturer)
Director (Retailer)
Director (Distributor)
HPBA (Non-Voting)
HPBAC (Non-Voting)

Andrew Vickers, Powrmatic
Steve Haagmans, Miles Industries/Valor
Dominique Pagé, United Buyers Group
Samantha Pickering, Vancouver Gas Fireplace
Sarah Kemp, Country Stoves & Sunrooms
Shelley Wallace, Fireplace & Leisure Centre
Jason VanGarderen, Concorde/Jackson Grills
Alexander Marcakis, Supreme
Ingrid Schroeter, Napoleon
Dan Bonar, ICC-RSF
Olivier Langis, SBI
Trina Langille, Warmth by Design
Mari Fisher, Compact Appliances
Jack Goldman, HPBA
Laura Litchfield, HPBAC

The criteria and duties of HPBAC Directors

  • Attend Board of Directors meetings
  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors
  • Participate in strategic planning
  • Discuss HPBAC issues with the Board of Directors
  • Provide guidance for organizational priorities and governance concerns
  • Interpret and analyze HPBAC’s annual budget
  • Evaluate HPBAC’s reports and performance with respect to achieving goals and objectives
  • Adhere to HPBAC’s Board of Directors Code of Conduct and Ethics and any applicable bylaws
  • Represent the Association in a positive and professional manner at all times

The criteria for candidates

  • Must be current members of HPBA Canada
  • Has attended at least one Annual General Meeting of HPBA Canada
  • Has participated in at least one committee or project of HPBA Canada, its Chapters or of HPBA or its affiliates
  • Has positive feedback from Chairman or President of related committee/Board work
  • Has positive industry regard by peers

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