CIPH NEWS –  In the spring, a well-intended but poorly drafted legislation was proposed by MPP Yvan Baker. That private member’s Bill (Bill 193) was challenged by HRAI, CIPH and CWQA because of its potentially devastating impacts on all forms of water heater, in-home water treatment, hearth and HVAC equipment sales, including those initiated by the customer.

On second reading it appeared that everyone in the legislature had an experience to share, which was worrying. The Bill passed second reading and was slated for committee. If passed, that legislation would have seriously hurt not only member businesses across Ontario.

MPP Baker then reintroduced the Bill (Bill 14) once the province prorogued the government in September. His redrafted and resubmitted private members’ bill did not really answer industry’s concerns.

HRAI, CIPH, and CWQA’s protests and concerns were heard by the Minister of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) Marie-France Lalonde.

In a meeting with Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Frank Denton on October 3rd, HRAI and CWQA were advised that a “solution” to the Bill 14 problem might come soon.  Mr. Denton pointed to the September 23rd “Mandate Letter” issued by the Premier to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, which included a directive to “expand protections to help consumers deal with unscrupulous door-to-door salespeople trying to sell home appliances.” HRAI was advised at that time that the Minister agreed with the industry that Bill 14 was not the right solution to the problem.