HPBA Canada staff have been in communication with officials from the Province of British Columbia to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the industry in relation to any regulatory requirements.
HPBA Canada highlighted the months of sales lost as a result of business closures, and of decreased economic activity.

Officials indicated that the Province is prepared to offer some leniency as a result of the pandemic, and will not be pursuing immediate enforcement of the “Step 2” requirement, for businesses that required some additional time to sell existing stock of “Step 1” appliances. This means that Step one appliances can be sold past May 15th, 2020, until existing stock in the province is depleted.

Please click on the attached letter from B.C. officials, which states “It is expected that as the existing inventory of appliances (Step 1 certified) is cleared, it will be replaced with newer appliances that meet the latest NSPS “Step 2” certification. In speaking with officials, it is clear that continual shipping of Step 1 appliances into the province would be looked upon unfavourably.

It is suggested that retailers keep this letter on hand, should any questions about the May 15th 2020 deadline come up.