BCA | March 25, 2022

BC PST Increase

HPBAC is currently developing and executing various issue-specific advocacy strategies in British Columbia. These include the Comox Valley Campaign, electronic components advocacy, Vancouver building codes advocacy, and advocacy related to Clean BC: Roadmap to 2030. The latest development is the imposition of a provincial sales tax (PST) affecting fossil fuel combustion systems. Starting April 1, 2022, heat pumps will be exempt from PST while the PST on the purchase or lease of fossil fuel combustion systems will increase from 7% to 12%. Fireplaces are specifically included on the list of affected systems. 

HPBAC recently held a meeting with BC members and the HPBAC Government Affairs Committee to discuss the PST issue. We’re taking a stand in BC and advocating against the tax increase with a letter-writing campaign. Click on the button below to sign and send a letter to Premier Horgan, and let him know that you oppose the PST increase.

BCA | February 4, 2022

CleanBC: Roadmap 2030

CleanBC: Roadmap 2030 revisits 2018 guidelines and standards for reducing climate pollution and emissions. The climate action plan outlines more stringent restrictions and standards than previous versions, with an overall goal of reaching carbon net-zero by 2030. The changes proposed by the plan will affect many sectors, including the hearth industry. HPBAC members and staff received a presentation on CleanBC from the Energy Efficiency Branch of the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation on January 12, 2022. This presentation highlighted the aspects of CleanBC that would be most impactful for the hearth industry. It included a commitment to 100% efficiency for space and water heating appliances in all homes and buildings (both old and new construction), as well as a cap on natural gas utilities as part of the greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Furthermore, the plan also commits to continuing to meet and possibly exceed federal carbon tax requirements.