President’s Report | February 11, 2022

HPBAC Joins With Over 170 Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce to Urge Resolution of Blockades

As I’m sure you are aware, over the past week several Canada-US border crossings have been blockaded by protesters. These blockades have resulted in serious delays in shipping, threats to food security, layoffs and plant closures in many industries. This disruption may already have affected your business and will certainly have serious consequences for industry in Canada if it is not brought to an end.

HPBAC has attended several meetings of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce over the past several months regarding supply chain issues and recently those meetings have grown to include many more affected industries. Yesterday, during a meeting with senior Chamber Government Relations staff and CEO Perrin Beatty, the association leaders in attendance outlined the effects of the blockade on their industries and it was agreed a letter would be written to all elected officials calling for the following:

  • Deliver a strong and unified commitment from the Prime Minister, Premiers, Opposition Party Leaders, and Mayors that the rule of law will be upheld.
  • Urgently enact measures to protect critical infrastructure to ensure further closures do not take place elsewhere in the country in the days ahead.
  • Seek immediate injunctive measures through the courts to assert a clear message that lawlessness will not be tolerated.
  • Ensure law enforcement agencies have all the necessary political support and appropriate tools needed to restore public order and remove any physical blockades that are not dismantled voluntarily.

At its weekly meeting today, HPBAC’s executive committee agreed to add HPBAC’s name to the list of associations and chambers of commerce supporting this request.

The letter was distributed to all elected politicians and to the media early this afternoon. You can view the letter in English and French on the Canadian Chamber of Commerce website.

If you would like to send a follow-up letter to your Member of Parliament or other officials a link for a template can be found below.