Ottawa Wood Burning Changeout Program

The Ottawa Wood Burning Changeout Program was designed to encourage rural Ottawa residents to improve ambient and indoor air quality, heat their homes more efficiently and safely, and reduce fuel costs by replacing their old, uncertified wood stoves and fireplaces with cleaner burning, EPA or CSA-certified models.
HPBAC recognizes the financial support from the City of Ottawa.

Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia is offering rebates and financing to help you switch from electric water heating to a wood stove – and start saving money! Wood heat can save you money compared to electric heat. And you’re using a sustainable fuel source, made in Nova Scotia – so heating dollars stay closer to home. Good for your wallet, good for the environment.

This program offers rebates directly through an application for a Green Heat rebate or allows homeowners to bundle rebates with a Home Energy Assessment.

Cowichan Valley Regional District

Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

The CVRD can help with the new Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program that provides rebates for replacing or removing old, smoky wood-burning appliances with the Wood-Burning Appliance Exchange Initiative and Wood-Burning Appliance Bounty Initiative.

British Columbia

The Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program changes out old, smoky wood stoves for cleaner heating options including heat pumps, gas or pellet stoves and cleaner burning wood stoves.

Well over 7000 wood burning stoves have been replaced by cleaner burning models since the program began. This is a reduction of approximately 400 tonnes annually of particulate matter released into the air. Since 2008, 29 programs have been offered in the province, involving 20 regional districts and over 45 municipal partners.

The program is offered in communities around the province. It provides funding to promote the exchange and offers incentives to replace old wood stoves. It also delivers education to help people operate their wood-burning appliances efficiently.


The Changez d’Air program in Quebec ran in 450 cities through 2012 and 2013.

More than 4500 old woodburning appliances have been replaced:

  • 81% changed for woodburning devices
  • 13% changed for gas devices
  • 6% changed for woodpellet devices

SBI Valcourt Lafayette II Wood Fireplace

Blaze King King 40 Wood Stove

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