Pursuant to direction by the Gas Hearth Appliance Section on June 6, 2021, and discussions by the GASC in May & July 2021, HPBAC is advocating for temporary relief from energy efficiency regulations (EERs) in Canada that prohibit the use of continuous pilots. HPBA is also advocating for the same policy relief from EERs in US states that prohibit continuous pilots. The current electronic component shortage is making existing federal and provincial EERs difficult to meet because control modules required for non-continuous pilot technologies are scarce and difficult to procure on a consistent basis.

Ensuring appropriate representation on this issue is a strategic priority for HPBAC/HPBA. Extensive work has been undertaken to respond to information requests by governments intended to support decision making processes. Engagement is ongoing and evolving with HPBAC/HPBA officials in daily/weekly communication with respective governments.


For further information please see the HPBAC issue tracker below.