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HPBAC is offering 3 unique training sessions this year at a remarkably low cost to our members. If you register for and attend 3 sessions your registration fees we’ll apply your fees to your 2022 membership dues.
Attend live sessions at 8am PT or view the recorded session hosted by members of our Education Committee and the HPBAC Board, along with our staff, on the following day at 8am your local time. You’ll have to opportunity to interact with other participants during the recorded sessions.


Business Strategy Sessions

Delivered by Tim Reed of The Fire Time Network.

Selling to Today’s Customer

7 Steps to master retail sales and fine tune your sales process.

Many businesses do not have a consistent sales process that guarantees a successful customer experience. Also, this lack of a formal process makes it nearly impossible to train and retain salespeople, leading to frustration and burnout on all fronts.

This class will teach your sales team 7 steps to enhance their effectiveness on the sales floor, as well as give you a road map to continue their growth. By the end of the class your team will understand these three critical aspects of sales:

  • How to motivate and harness a customer’s momentum with a consistent sales process
  • Why customers want to be asked for the sale (and how to do it)
  • How to follow up with customers for higher close rates and repeat business

This class is not theory, but rather, proven practices that have helped companies go from sub-million to multi-million dollar operations in only a few years. Take control of your sales process and serve more customers than you ever thought possible – your team members (and your wallet) will thank you for it.

Stop Losing Talent

How to build your business to keep team members long term.

Talent is everywhere – but many businesses miss out because they don’t know how to recognize it, and they aren’t sure what to do with it when given the opportunity.

This course will teach you:

  • Why talented people are leaving hearth retailers all over North America
  • How building processes into your business allows you harness and magnify talent
  • What team members are looking for in a company that will inspire them to stay long term

Understanding this will help you make the most of the talent you have right now and make your company wildly attractive to anyone you look to hire in the future.

Mentorship Wins

How to evaluate your team and give feedback based on reality and not emotion.

Everyone knows that it’s important to grow team members, but few companies actual invest in it. The problem is that investing in your team is difficult – after all, there’s always something more important to do, right? Wrong.

Your best team members are dying for one thing: mentorship. As a leader, you have the ability to give it to them and groom them for success beyond what they ever thought was possible.

This course will teach you:

  • How to build a regular cadence of mentorship that pays off in spades longterm
  • Why believing the lie, “I don’t want to invest too much because they might leave me” is the most foolish thing imaginable.
  • What every team member wants from their leader.

Don’t go another day letting your team die on the vine. Instead, take control of your situation, become the leader the your team is looking for, and grow a business that is bigger than yourself.


Tuesday May 4
Selling to Today’s Customer
8:00am Pacific Time
Wednesday May 5
Stop Losing Talent
8:00am Pacific Time
Thursday May 6
Mentorship Wins
8:00am Pacific Time


Wednesday May 5
Selling to Today’s Customer
  • 7:45am Atlantic Time
  • 8:00am Eastern Standard Time
  • 8:45am Central Standard Time /
    8:00am Mountain Standard Time
Thursday May 6
Stop Losing Talent
  • 7:45am Atlantic Time
  • 8:00am Eastern Standard Time
  • 8:45am Central Standard Time /
    8:00am Mountain Standard Time
Friday May 7
Mentorship Wins
  • 7:45am Atlantic Time
  • 8:00am Eastern Standard Time
  • 8:45am Central Standard Time /
    8:00am Mountain Standard Time

Register and pay online using the form below, or download the fillable form.

Single Session

HPBAC Members $25
Non-Members $75

3 Session Package

HPBAC Members $59
Non-Members $159


Attend any 3 Education Week sessions and your Education Session registration fees will be applied to your 2022 HPBAC Membership.

*Fees must be paid in full to qualify for credit to membership dues. Valid for 2021 Education Week sessions only.

Education Week 2021 Registration Form

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Wednesday May 5: Selling to Today’s Customer

Thursday May 6: Stop Losing Talent

Friday May 7: Mentorship Wins


Manufacturer Dealer Sessions

These sessions will be restricted to the manufacturer’s dealers. Dates and times to be confirmed shortly. HPBAC’s Special Offer also applies to these sessions.

Understanding the IntelliFire Touch Gas Ignition System

Heat & Glo training by Hearth & Home Technologies and sponsored by Forge Distribution.

Renaissance Fireplaces Tech & Troubleshooting by ICC

This session will cover the Uptown 600 and Rumford models from the Renaissance Fireplaces lineup. Using 3D design software, we will look at the inner workings of Renaissance Fireplaces. This session is well suited for both sales or technical staff. Concepts will vary from simple explanations of the door system to diagnosing complex problems.

Valor Connect

Tech, marketing and product update for Valor dealers.


Modern Woodburning Venting &
Modern Gas Venting Principles

HPBAC surveyed members to learn what issues they are facing when dealing with woodburning and gas venting that could be addressed in technical training sessions. We worked with NFI to develop these special training sessions for HPBAC members.

Thanks to everyone who participated, with special thanks to Rick Vlahos and Rich Sedgwick from NFI.


Troubleshooting Electronic Ignition Training Events

Continuous pilot lights in new installations of gas hearth appliances will soon be eliminated in Canada. These sessions, held in Nova Scotia, Ontario and BC, were devoted to educating participants about the transition.

Thanks to everyone who participated, with special thanks to our sponsors and contributors.

What Our Participants Had to Say:

“The instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their presentation and understanding of troubleshooting the ignition systems in the field. Our seasoned gas technicians learned more in this one day presentation than any service manual or years of experience could have provided. We left with a much better understanding of the GV60 valve, Proflame 1 and 11, and the use of the multimeter in diagnosing service issues with electronic ignition systems. Our technicians readily applied their troubleshooting experience the very next day in the field and it saved our team time and money! We paid for our training in one day!!!! I see future value in the coming season, along with the confidence the technicians have going to a service call.”
George Leblanc, General Manager, Maritime Fireplaces Ltd., Moncton NB

“Great session, trainer was very thorough. Good day, well worth the expense. I would recommend it to all dealers in the industry.”
Gord Prince, Ontario & Atlantic Sales Manager, Energy Products Group, Waterloo ON

“The day was a wealth of information, presenters from most of the electronic systems we use did an excellent job of explaining the designs behind their systems and how they are intended to work currently as well as what we are going to see happening in the near future. They then went into detail on troubleshooting and diagnosing their systems and what to watch for as well as some hands on diagnostics on actual modules. It was also nice to have a chance to network with other techs, manufacturer reps and the team from HPBAC. I look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.”
Rob Stiller, Norfolk Fireplace, Simcoe ON

“Being able to work with actual burner assemblies was key to learning and retaining service protocol.”
Jeff Jackson, The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop, Ottawa ON

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