Join a group of your peers to benefit from their collective wisdom and experience.

About the Program

The Process

  • Meet with the group monthly at a facilitated virtual roundtable session
  • Each member has the opportunity to discuss what is going on with their business
    Complex items are given time for a more in-depth discussion
  • Members set short and long term business and personal goals and report on progress at meetings
  • Meet annually for a two-day retreat

The Benefits

  • Short and long term goal setting and accountability

  • Consultation and connection with peers

  • Sounding board of business owners with diverse experience and perspectives 

  • Compare solutions and ideas

  • Opportunity for benchmarking and development of best practices

  • Optional comparative analysis of financial statements and marketing efforts

“I’ve been a member of a BRT group for over 20 years and I’ve found the advice and support from some very astute business owners in my group has been extremely helpful. I try to never miss a meeting. The group members hold each other accountable for doing the necessary work to reach goals.”

Pat Bourque, Maritime Fireplaces Ltd.

“I was involved in a similar, in-person program and was very disappointed when the program ended due to high costs. I missed the opportunity to compare business data and talk through problems. I learned a lot from the other members. HPBAC’s new virtual program is a great, economical solution. Having the opportunity for an advisory board of other business owners, especially from the same industry, almost makes me want to give up retirement and get back into the business.”

Mark Strate, Strate’s The Fireplace Centre

What is Business Round Table?

Business Round Table is a peer mentoring program. Business owners are placed in a group with another 8 to 12 carefully selected owners. Each group meets once a month for about 3 hours during which, using a structured agenda, members discuss issues to help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and make the most of their opportunities. Members act as each other’s Board of Advisors. The group members sign a Confidentiality Contract, promising never to disclose anything that is discussed.

History of BRT

Business Round Table was formed 31 years ago in Moncton NB, by Rick DesBrisay. At present there are 11 BRT groups, each with about 10 members in Moncton. A franchise program was developed 2 years ago, and there are  currently 3 franchise systems in operation – Halifax NS, Simcoe ON and Etobicoke ON. HPBAC would become a franchisee.

How BRT Works

Each group is guided by a Moderator / Facilitator. Monthly meetings follow an agenda, which includes a 5-minute update by each member, followed by a 2-minute question period. Topics requiring more than 5 minutes are placed in a “Parking Lot” list; triage on Parking Lot items identifies issues deemed most important, time sensitive, and with the greatest potential impact. Parking Lot items given more time for discussion, with each member given the opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions. The objective is to tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the group members to help each other become more successful. Members set specific business and personal goals and are held accountable by their fellow members to get things done.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

This section is under development. Content coming soon.


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