Santa Claus Briefed On Latest Fireplace Models

Santa Claus Briefed On Latest Fireplace Models

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Santa Claus Briefed On Latest Fireplace Models

Fireplace Experts Once Again Ensure Santa Is Able To Get In Safely

Huntsville, Ontario — The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of Canada (HPBA Canada) is pleased to report that Santa Claus has once again received his annual briefing on the latest fireplace models, ensuring he will be able to successfully gain entry into homes around the world.

An annual tradition dating back decades, the briefing which took place last evening included Santa, senior officials from the North Pole, and engineers and design experts from across the fireplace industry who design the fireplaces found in homes across Canada and around the world. The briefing was held via Zoom.

“This is a privilege we take very seriously,” said Laura Litchfield, President of HPBA Canada. “Given that the closest inhabited area to the North Pole is in Nunavut, Canada, we feel a responsibility to make sure that Santa is as much a fireplace expert as the people who make them.”

“The fireplaces that are made today are quite advanced, with new technologies to increase heating efficiency and burn cleaner than ever before,” said Adam De Caire, Director of Public Affairs with HPBA Canada. “We want to make sure this new technology doesn’t get in Santa’s way on Christmas eve. He has a lot of ground to cover.”

The briefing also included safety tips for Santa, such as never going near a lit fireplace, and keeping stockings, gifts, and the Christmas tree a safe distance away. As always, Santa asked that these safety tips be passed on to people everywhere.

The fireplace briefing from HPBAC was followed by a briefing from The Locksmith Association, to address homes currently without a fireplace.

The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association of Canada is the national non-profit industry association supporting manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and support service providers in the hearth, barbecue, and outdoor lifestyle industries.

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