The Untapped Potential of Your Fireplace

The Untapped Potential of Your Fireplace

The fireplace and its floor (or “hearth” as it’s commonly called) is the main attraction of any room it inhabits. Just as centrepieces on formal dinner tables across Canada set the theme before the meal is served, the fireplace, mantel and hearth do so on a much grander scale.

Your fireplace serves two main purposes: it warms the room and is the primary focal point. Whether it occupies your living room, family room, basement or bedroom, the overall look of your fireplace can make a lasting impression. By decorating the mantel and hearth, you will add a whole new decorative element to the room.

Most people line the mantel with photos, or display a mirror, pieces of art, ceramics or collectibles. Some even throw down a bear skin rug. But why not be unique and treat it as a blank canvas to showcase your creativity. Make a statement. The fireplace is the one thing you can decorate on a whim, or change with the season, and set the mood for a fraction of the cost of redecorating the entire room.

With fall and winter fast approaching, use the natural beauty of each season to transform your fireplace into a work of art. Get inspired by the themes of Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. There is untapped potential in your fireplace and hearth. Don’t let it be a forgotten fixture that only exists to provide heat and comfort. Decorate the mantel and the hearth. Spice it up. Make it an extension of your personality. But most importantly, have fun doing it. And always remember safety. Keep appropriate clearances in mind and don’t allow combustible materials to come in contact with the fire or glass.

Fireplaces: Not Just for the Living Room

Fireplaces: Not Just for the Living Room

Most fireplaces are usually in living rooms, family rooms and finished basements. But with the vast array of appliances now available on the market, more and more are being installed in bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. A fireplace can serve as a focal point in a room, giving a space a warm glow and exuding luxury. They will also help decrease heating costs. Here are a few ideas.


A fireplace can add a sophisticated feeling to a master bath… and help you dry off after a leisurely soak. Build right into the tub surround to heighten a relaxing escape.


A fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere and really make your kitchen the family’s gathering place.

Dining Room

A fireplace will help create an intimate setting that stimulates conversation over dinner.


A fireplace in the bedroom is the height of luxury. Cozy up in bed while enjoying the ambiance and warmth of your fireplace.

In the Office

Heat up a workshop, study or artist’s studio with a fireplace.


A fireplace situated between both the living areas and other spaces in the house can heat and be viewed from both rooms. Create a division between rooms such as the kitchen and an adjacent dining area. Add luxury with a double-sided fireplace between the bedroom and bathroom.

Outdoor Living Space

Fireplaces with a seating area help create the feeling of an additional room, and are a perfect place to entertain on a chilly evening. Add one near the pool or on the deck to encourage evening parties and make the most of your outdoor space.

There are many different fireplace options out there, so when considering a fireplace for any room, ensure you consult a specialty hearth retailer to pick the right fireplace for your needs.