Choosing Your Fireplace

Choosing Your Fireplace

Looking for a wood or gas fireplace? If you are thinking about adding a hearth appliance to your home or replacing an existing appliance you will want to consider which appliance makes the most sense for your space and your lifestyle. You will want your new fireplace to suit your décor, and there are many options when it comes to style, including contemporary and traditional looks. Woodburning and gas appliances both offer a variety of design elements to consider, such as linear and rectangular configurations, and see-through and three-or-four-sided bay fronts. The type of appliance installation is also an important factor in choosing the right fireplace for you. There are three options available.

Built-in Fireplaces

Even without a chimney, you can have a fireplace! The zero clearance fireplace allows you to place an appliance just about anywhere. This type of pre-fabricated fireplace is usually used in situations where there is no existing fireplace installation. You simply need a wall. Most zero clearance appliances are safe to install within inches of combustible material such as drywall and wood, and your qualified hearth specialist will direct you in to choosing the correct appliance for your situation. Depending on the location of the appliance and the fuel requirements, the exhaust pipe will exit directly through the wall or through the roof. Zero clearance wood or gas fireplaces offer excellent installation flexibility. Once you’ve chosen, have it installed by a qualified professional and finalize the decor to your taste.

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert, or built-in fireplace, is a factory-built metal box that is designed to be installed in the existing cavity of a masonry or open fireplace. The insert turns your old, inefficient fireplace into an efficient, cleaner burning one, saving you money and providing much more effective heating. You’ll find many options available in this category of appliance, including style and fuel options.

Free-standing Stoves

Traditionally, free-standing stoves tended to be relegated to the basement and were mainly used for heating. Today, the stove, whether wood, gas or pellet, has many advantages. Installation usually does not require much finishing work. Modern stoves are now much more beautiful, efficient, and cleaner burning than ever before. Indeed, the stove is back in fashion and manufacturers have designed exciting new stoves with great new looks. Stoves are now counted among high-end appliances and are popular with design professionals.

You can now distinguish between the three types of hearth appliances and make the best choice for your home. Visit a HPBAC Specialty Hearth Retailer to see all the wonderful possibilities or visit manufacturer and local retailer websites.