Radiant heat is a form of heat energy we are all familiar with – it’s the type of energy we experience from the sun’s rays. You can feel the difference in heat between standing directly in the sunshine on a hot day versus standing in the shade. The heat you feel while standing in direct sunlight is radiant heat, and it’s the same heat you experience when standing in front of a fireplace. Radiant heat is the most comfortable and immediately warming form of heat energy. It travels in straight lines, warming all objects in its path. While other forms of heat energy rely on air particles or solid objects to transfer heat, radiant heat transfers heat energy directly to objects.

While a fireplace also provides convective heat, there is a significant benefit to radiant heat that you don’t experience from a furnace or other central heating systems. Make sure to keep this in mind when you’re trying to keep your home nice and cozy on cold winter nights. Just turning on your fireplace or starting a fire in your wood stove can have an immediate and substantial impact on how warm you feel in your home – specifically zone heating the central living spaces of your home. If you find your home to be drafty and not well sealed, installing a fireplace in the main living spaces of your home – or even your bedroom – can make a significant difference to your comfort level. It is hard to dispute that there is anything quite like the warmth you experience from sitting in front of the fireplace!