Fire has been a part of family life since the dawn of civilization. For millennia, the family hearth has provided heat, a place to prepare food and served as a central gathering place. Even in the modern era, the hearth continues to provide comfort and warmth and bring people together. There have, however, been many advancements in recent years to the performance of the appliance and its design, making them more attractive and efficient in a variety of options.

Although producing fire is at the centre of all hearth products, there are some notable differences between the various appliances. For instance, many homeowners opt for a gas hearth appliance mainly for the convenience and ease of use. But did you know that today’s gas hearth appliances are available in decorative and heating options and in energy-efficient models?

Decorative gas fireplaces provide a beautiful flame but are engineered to provide very little heat so you can have the look of a cozy fire without overheating a room.

Heating gas hearth appliances provide radiant heat that warms the room much more quickly than convected heat, bringing comfort and atmosphere to a room in a shorter time frame. These appliances are available in many styles and sizes.

For traditionalists, wood burning hearth appliances warm the home with radiant heat at a very low cost and provide a beautiful flame. Modern, EPA or CSA-certified, woodburning stoves, inserts and fireplaces burn about 90% cleaner and use at least 30% less fuel when good burn practices are employed. There are wood burning appliances available to suit every style and need, even to heat an entire home.

Modern hearth appliances are engineered for efficiency and performance while also being designed to add value and style to any room. Visit the HPBAC website for ideas or to find a specialty hearth retailer near you where you can shop for the latest models in traditional, contemporary and rustic designs. You’ll be sure to find something to bring coziness to the spaces in your home where you like to relax and unwind.


Hearth Appliance: A solid or fossil fuel burning stove, fireplace, furnace, boiler, water heater, heater or cook stove.

Convective Heat: The natural movement of air as it heats up and expands. This creates a natural flow of air as the warmer air moves upward and is replaced by cooler air.

CSA: Canadian Standards Association

EPA:  Environmental Protection Agency (US)

Efficiency: The percentage of heat that goes into the room instead of up the chimney.

Hearth: The surface under and/or in front of your stove or fireplace, often made of brick, or tile.

Radiant Heat: Heat that moves out in waves from a central point and heats objects in its path. The invisible and harmless radiation emitted by a hot object. This radiation is converted into heat when it is absorbed.