Pizza ovens have erupted onto the grilling scene over the last few years. These products offer a fun spin on grilling and expand your cooking options during the grilling months. Rather than order delivery, why not buy fresh ingredients and make your own masterpiece at home? It’s a great way to get the family involved!

The range of products available now fit any budget and lifestyle – products that sit on top of the grill, stand-alone portable units, or built-in stationary units are all available. Whether you are a grilling fanatic or you’re a fair-weather griller, there’s a product that is right for you, and we promise you won’t be disappointed in the delicious food you create.

An Extension of Your Grill

Smaller grill-top products can offer you versatility while keeping the cost low. Some products sit on top of the grill and hold the pizza inside. Others require a pizza stone to cook right on the grill itself with a separate cover over top to keep the temperature high. These are often sold as a kit. Products are available for both classic gas grills or kettle charcoal grills. Cooking on a charcoal grill offers the option to cook with charcoal or wood chunks, offering you the smoky wood flavours you miss when cooking on a gas grill. These units typically range from $125-$300.

An Appliance All On Its Own

Stand-alone portable units are a great option if you don’t have a grill large enough for a pizza oven accessory, or if you want the option to use different fuels. These appliances can also be portable, making them easy to bring to a friend’s backyard party or on a camping trip. There are units that cook with wood chunks, charcoal, gas, or wood pellets, offering the results of an authentic pizza oven but that can fit within a modest budget. Additionally, they are great for cooking a variety of foods – whether it be pizza, meat, bread or desserts. Stand-alone smaller units range from $300-$750.

A Key Piece of Your Backyard

Large, built-in pizza ovens can be a true focal point in your backyard space. There are many masonry oven options or units that can be built into an outdoor kitchen. On summer nights when you are entertaining but are looking for an alternative to lighting the barbecue, these ovens can prepare delicious food and offer a lovely ambiance at the same time. As with the smaller units, there are a variety of fuel options. For those looking for an authentic pizza oven taste, a wood-fired appliance is the way to go. However, a gas appliance offers more convenience for homeowners. It is important to consider how much space you have available for a built-in oven before you move ahead to purchase and install. And keep in mind, you can’t take this style of unit with you if you move. Factory-built units that are installed in a backyard setting or in an outdoor kitchen typically range from $1,500-$5,000, while masonry units that are built on-site run $5,000-$10,000

Why not consider mixing it up this summer with a new grilling toy? With so many different products to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the right product that fits your needs and your budget.