Maybe you grill to relax. Your backyard is your oasis, your respite, your happy place. The flame is your focal point. Maybe you grill for nostalgia. Backyard barbecues make up your happiest memories. Your grill is your time machine to your best moments growing up. Maybe you grill to step it up. You’re in your new home. You’re starting a new family. Your grill tells the world your adulting game is lit. Or maybe, just maybe, you grill for the sheer joy of cooking. The sizzle on the grates, the smell rising to the sky, the juices dripping on the coals. No matter the reason, we love that you love our favorite pastime.

Whether for the flavour, for fun, to compete, to impress, or maybe even for nostalgia’s sake, there are endless reasons to grill and it is time to dig deeper to fully understand these reasons.

Grilling excitement is spreading and the #WhyIGrill campaign taps into that enthusiasm. Whether the casual cook or the celebrated competitor, we look forward to learning everyone’s reasons for grilling.

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