If you have a new hearth appliance, or you’ve inherited an existing appliance in a new residence, you’ll want to read the manual carefully before operating your appliance to ensure safe and proper operation. If you can’t locate the manual you should be able to download a copy from the manufacturer’s website. You can find the manufacturer, brand and model on the rating card or plate. The following items will be of particular importance to you as the owner of the appliance.


Read this section carefully as it provides you with important and helpful tips, and recommendations for the safe use of your device.

Rating Label or Card

Essential information such as brand and model are clearly indicated in the manual. This information may be requested by your insurer or municipality, or if you plan to participate in a rebate program. In addition, you will find information on safety and performance certifications, efficiency and emissions ratings, BTUs and serial number, etc. or instructions on where to find this information on the appliance.


This section explains important information for you and your installer on clearances from combustibles, chimney or venting installation and more. This information will be useful to you or your contractor for planning or finishing after installation.


In this section, the manufacturer guides you to the optimal operation of the device, the location and use of the combustion air control lever or dampers and lighting instructions on woodburning appliances, remote control operation and lighting procedures on gas hearth appliances and more.

Servicing & Maintenance

While maintenance instructions and checklists are included in the manual for basic cleaning instructions and for checking the appliance we recommend you have your appliance inspected and serviced annually by a qualified technician. A professional service technician can perform a complete cleaning and inspection giving you piece of mind.

Lists of Replacement Parts

In this section you will find a complete list of replacement parts. All you need to do is contact your specialty hearth retailer if you need to have a part replaced.


This section provides information on the manufacturer’s warranty, provides instructions for dealing with problems and gives you the procedure to follow to register your device.

Keep your manual on hand. If you sell your property, do not forget to give it to the new owners.